Principals & Superintendents

DESCRIPTIONS of TOPICS FOR PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT (useful for creating on-site advertisement)


Topics can be adapted to:


What are the formation needs of children in elementary and secondary school?  How prepared are parents to lead children in the ways of responsibility, self-control, and accomplishment?  How effectively do parents transmit the faith and Catholic spirituality to their children?  How well does the Catholic School serve as an agent of formative support to parents?  Principals are called to be change-agents or support-agents in the families that they serve.  This session will offer insight, hope, and ready-resources to help principals be agents of formative support to the parent community.

ABC's of Gospel-Driven Leadership

Administrators are the primary agents of Catholic Identity within the educational community. Three attitudes establish the foundation for all other activity: (A) Accentuate Gospel values, (B) Build Bridges for Evangelization, and (C) Create a culture of community. What do these expressions mean? How can you be a catalyst for growth within your setting? Come and see!

(A) Administrators – STEWARDS of Compassion
(B) The Sacramentality of Catholic School Leaders

A Catholic School leader is like a sacrament: a visible sign, called by Christ, to be a catalyst of grace — the presence of God to others. Enter into a period of reflection on the Presence, Power and Providence of God in your life. Christ calls you to be a STEWARD of Souls, that is, a Servant, Transformational Leader, Evangelizer, Welcomer, Affirmer, Referee, and Defender of the Gospel

Communicating Effectively WITH Teachers ----- and/or with parents

Mutual respect, integrity and open communication are vital to the mission of the Catholic School. WITH (wisdom, initiative, truth, hope) suggests a formula for positive partnership. Principal goals include:

  • Adopt a Pro-Active Perspective
  • Safeguard Personal Boundaries
  • Read" and "Feed" Emotional Hungers
  • Speak the Truth in Love
  • Demonstrate an "A Plus" Approach
  • Facilitate Hope
  • Catholic Parents - Keepers of the PROMISE

    Besides marriage vows, Catholic parents made two public promises. When they were baptized they promised to imitate Jesus in the roles of priest, prophet, and king. Also, when they brought their child to baptism, they promised to give constant care in training that child in the practice of the faith. This presentation offers insights that support parent efforts to be effective as the "first heralds of the Gospel" to their children. Specifically, participants will consider:

  • How "priest, prophet, king" translates into daily family life
  • Ways that parents can create a spiritual climate in the home
  • Ten core indicators of Catholic parenting


    If we agree that parents are the "first heralds of the Gospel," then how can we, as Parish Leaders, provide formative support so that a parent feels adequate in the role of being PRIEST, PROPHET and SERVANT-KING within the family? How can we evangelize the evangelizers and validate parents in their vocation? Conference participants will hear practical advice and receive ready-to-use resources.

    The Principal's Principle – Cultivate a Climate for Discipleship

    Discipline is cultivated through attitude, approach, policy, behavior, teaching and conversation that is respectful of students and leads them to become inner-directed, responsible, responsive, and cooperative. Discipline and discipleship are two sides of one coin!

    During this session Administrators will focus on the following topics:

  • Discipleship as the primary purpose of Catholic education
  • Components of a culture of discipleship
  • Vocation as an indispensable factor in discipleship
  • Core elements of self-discipline
  • How to journey toward discipleship WITH teachers and students