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Journeying the Teen-STAGER Highway -- Core Developmental Tasks that Transform a Teenager into a Successful Young Adult

If you had a magic wand that would fulfill your deepest desires for an 18 year older, what qualities or characteristics would you bestow? Any specific response to this question implies a well-formed identity. This presentation will explain the core issues related to positive identity formation during adolescence and suggest practical ways that parents facilitate teen growth during high school years.

Connect the Dots between Teen Behavior and Basic Needs

Connect the dots between core identity-formation issues and teen behavior. The session will focus on the following parenting tools:

  • • understand the basic needs that motivate teen behavior
  • • proactively avert misbehavior
  • • know how to "read" the danger signs
  • • determine responses that lead to conversion and re-connection
  • • exercise a pro-active style of authority
  • • cultivate principles of decision-making that support moral development