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Positive Soul Formation: A Teacher/Parent Guide to Child Development, $20

Dr. Pat McCormack

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This book is designed to be a versatile tool, a common thread to unite home and school in the soulful formation of children.  Each of the 40 newsletters in this collection is positive in tone, situates the topic within a faith context, and provides formative support for parents and teachers.  Originally published in the popular magazine for Catholic educators, Today’s Catholic Teacher, these newsletters are perfect for school, administrators, directors of religious education, catechists, and parents who want to help children grow spiritually, emotionally, and socially.  Ideal for Parent Book Clubs.  Pflaum Publishing Group, 2005. 96 pp. 8.5”x11”

Paso a Paso: La Formación Positiva del Alma, $20

(Una guia al desarollo del niño para maestros y padres)

Dr. Pat McCormack

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This CD is a Spanish translation of the book, Positive Soul Formation: A Teacher/Parent Guide to Child Development.  It provides 40 reproducible bulletins/newsletters. 

Mary’s Beads of Transformation, $2

Dr. Pat McCormack

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This booklet provides a unique style of praying the “Hail Mary” beads of a rosary that makes each bead a meditation.  Pray through the Joyful, Luminous, Sorrowful, Glorious, and a Jesus-Statements rosary.  Each mystery is introduced by TRANSFORMATIONAL MOMENTS that connect current living with the lives of Jesus and Mary.  2003.  64 pp. 4”x5.75”

Let’s Pray (not just say) the Rosary, $2

Dr. Pat McCormack

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This booklet celebrates the Joyful, Luminous, Sorrowful, and Glorious mysteries.  Each mystery includes: a contemporary focus, a ten-sentence scripture story, and life-connection questions.  Mystery focus titles are designed to aid recollection throughout the day.  Concluding questions evoke personal transformation and invite faith sharing. 2004.  48 pp. 4”x5.75”

Creating a Culture of Spirituality, $10

Dr. Pat McCormack

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This booklet provides formative support to parents who desire to cultivate spirituality within the family home. Newsletters highlight the liturgical seasons (Ordinary Time, Advent and Christmas, Lent, Eastertime, Mary and the Saints). Each newsletter focuses on establishing an environment, family customs, rituals and personal example that transmits a spiritual heritage to children. 2004. 24 pp. 8.5"x11"

Catholic Family Character, $10

Dr. Pat McCormack

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How do parents cultivate character, the distinguishing feature of personality and behavior that persists, regardless of outside pressure or personal temptation? This booklet suggests that Catholic family character is based on truth, guided by principles, rooted in faith, shaped by trust, defined by love, ad supported by grace.  2005.  55pp. 5.25”x8.5”

Student Self-Discipline in the Classroom and Beyond, Dr. Pat McCormack
$12 NCEA Member; $16 non-member
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This publication approaches discipline from the vantage point of students.  Based on Gospel message, it provides ways for teachers and school administrators to enable students to assume responsibility for their actions and to appreciate their own free will and choice.  2003.  165 pp.

Essential Elements of Soulful Parenting, $10 Dr. Pat McCormack

Parenting the soul is the soul of parenting.  This booklet combines three parent topics that contribute to soulful formation, positive self-esteem, self-control and personal responsibility in children at home and in school: (1) A PARENT’S GUIDE FOR SOUL FORMATION, (2) A PARENT’S GUIDE TO FOSTERING SELF-DISCIPLINE and (3) A PARENT’S GUIDE FOR FOSTERING SCHOOL SUCCESS.  Each topic consists of an introductory article and six newsletters.  2003.  72pp.  8.5"x11"

Home: Birthplace of Character, $10 Dr. Pat McCormack

Character is the distinguishing feature of personality and behavior that persists, regardless of outside pressure or personal temptation.  This booklet consists of three mini-handbooks. Handbook 1: A PARENT’S GUIDE FOR CHRISTIAN CHARACTER FORMATION recognizes the parent as the primary weaver of character and explains the components of character and conscience formation.  Handbook 2: A PARENT’S GUIDE FOR PRESSURE SITUATIONS suggests how to manage 26 specific child issues, A(ADHD) through Z (Zzz’s: Sleep Hygiene).  Handbook 3: A PARENT’S GUIDE FOR DIFFICULT BEHAVIORS focuses on the following topics: Sibling Rivalry, Lying, Cheating, Exaggerating, Irresponsibility, Angry Behavior, Deliberate Disobedience, Destructive Behavior, and Peer Pressure. 2003.  72pp.  8.5"x11"

Fostering Student Self-Esteem in the Catholic Elementary School Dr. Pat McCormack

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Like happiness, self-esteem is a by-product of our choices or behaviors.  Positive self-esteem is fostered by practices that develop a foundation of security, autonomy, initiative, industry, and genuine affection.  The introductory chapter provides an overview of the process.  Successive chapters focus on the individual elements.  Each topic includes a characteristics chart and numerous related teacher practices grouped according to early childhood, middle childhood, and early adolescence. The book concludes with suggested formats and materials for discussion and faculty inservice. 1999. 108pp.


Jesus said that he came to bring life to the full!  “Fullness” includes positive self-esteem, the foundation that begins in the home.  Guiding the lifelong process of soul formation is the primary responsibility of parents.  It is also the mission of Christian educators.  Parents and teachers contribute vitally to the soul formation of a child when they communicate genuine affection and foster lifelong development of security, autonomy, initiative, and industry.  This presentation will reflect on these core elements and it will offer practical advice that was gathered from parents of children in grades K-12 who were recognized for positive self-esteem and character.  CD, $15
MISBEHAVIOR? Name it. Claim it.  Tame it.  Or Prevent it from the Get-Go
A self-disciplined person is inner-directed, responsible, responsive, and cooperative.  Children hone the skills of self-discipline when the significant adults in their lives make it their pattern to be instructive, respectful, positive, and proactive.  Beyond that, four dynamics are helpful: (1) to understand the basic needs that motivate behavior, (2) to identify how to avert misbehavior, (3) to determine responses that lead to conversion and re-connection, and (4) to exercise a proactive style of authority.  These dynamics of self-discipline are learnable skills and they are the focus of this audio presentation. CD, $15
What is typical in the development of a 'tween-stager?  This transition time between the ages of 11 and 13 includes many changes in the development of the psycho-social self, the thinking self, the moral self, the spiritual self, the relational self, and the sexual self.  What is typical of 'Tweens? And how can parents help 'tweens to grow within and beyond this time of transition?  These questions are the focus of this audio presentation. CD, $15